The History of FebFast

FebFast was established in 2007 in Australia and has been running in New Zealand since 2011.

FebFast is an annual education, awareness campaign that invites people to forgo alcohol consumption during February, and at the same time, raise funds to support not-for-profit services that work with young people with alcohol and drug problems.

February is a great month for a break from drinking. Because it is on the tail end of the Christmas festivities where, let’s face it, a large number of New Zealanders indulge more than usual. All this drinking takes a toll on their bodies and general well-being.

In New Zealand FebFast has so far raised over a quarter of a million dollars for not-for-profit agencies across New Zealand working to support young people who are affected by alcohol.

About the Drug Foundation – FebFast host

The New Zealand Drug Foundation is the host of FebFast. They are a charitable trust that has been preventing and reducing harms from alcohol and other drug use since 1989. Their work is supported in a number of ways: including government funding, corporate and private grants and donations as well as from their members.

About Rape Prevention Education – 2015 recipient

Rape Prevention Education works in the greater Auckland area and nationally to prevent sexual violence through the delivery of education and health promotion and prevention activities. RPE also provides information for those affected by sexual violence through print and online media.

Read about where the funds go

FebFast - it’s good for you, and it’s great for the people the funds raised will support.