Get Involved

FebFast is a great time to experience a month without alcohol. To help you get the most out of it, here are a few ways that you can have the perfect FebFast:

Throw out the idea that being alcohol free means being fun free

While FebFast is about taking stock of the role alcohol plays in their lives and raising money for a worthy cause, it’s also a chance to have a great time.

There are lots of different ways to make FebFast heaps of fun: host an alcohol free barbeque, or throw a classy mocktail party – the possibilities are endless.

Being social also means you’ve got people around to support you on your break from drinking, and who will make sure you stay on board for the whole month.

Help FebFast

FebFast is more than just a month of being alcohol free, it’s a chance to talk about the impact of alcohol on New Zealanders who are most at risk of alcohol related harm. Your efforts will help reduce this harm.

By encouraging friends, whānau and colleagues to donate through your FebFast profile, you’ll be helping the New Zealand Drug Foundation achieve real impact.

  • Or why not invite friends or colleagues with you so you can all have a great time being alcohol free together
  • If you’ve got friends participating in FebFast, why not head over to their profile to donate
  • Get some hot tips on fundraising so you can climb that leaderboard

FebFast - it’s good for you, and it’s great for the people the funds raised will support.